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Build your own casket in under 30 minutes with this handcrafted casket kit, delivered directly to your door.

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You don't need to buy your casket from a funeral home. 

Ideal for both immediate use or future planning, it can be assembled in under 30 minutes using only the included hammer. 
With all-wood construction and no metal, the kit is ideal for green burial or cremation.

Everything you need

The fiddlehead casket kit comes with everything you need to build your own natural pine, metal-free casket. Every kit includes the following:

- 10 pine panels 
- 38 cherry pins for joinery
- rubber mallet for construction
- step-by-step instructions for assembly 

Every casket kit is hand crafted by master craftsman Jeremy Burrill of fiddlehead casket company, packaged for simplified shipping and direct delivery. 

As Green as it Gets

No nails, no glue - just wood.

Peace of Mind

Store your own casket for the future, and cross it off your list.

Everything you Need

Build a casket for yourself, or a loved one.


CTV NEWS: N.B. woodworker's do-it-yourself casket kit...

CTV NEWS: N.B. woodworker's do-it-yourself casket kit...

It has been called the Ikea of the coffin world: A ready-to-assemble casket kit.
casket kit video

GLOBAL NEWS: Do-it-yourself casket kit adds life to NB woodworker’s business

A New Brunswick woodworker has designed a “do-it-yourself” casket kit to alleviate funeral costs.
casket DIY

CBC NEWS: Assembly required: Carpenter makes design-your-own casket kit

kit is easily shipped to a customer and stored under the bed, says Jeremy Burrill of Fredericton

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The casket you made for my uncle was simple and absolutely stunning.  Thank you for the work, it was very reflective of him.

Ama M.

fiddlehead casket company gave my father the burial he always spoke about - a simple pine box. 

Andrew F.

If it's [a simple wooden casket] good enough for the Pope, it's good enough for me.

Mavis D.

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What will you do with yours?

What will you do with yours?

Great to receive this photo and note from Ken in Maine the other day. He assembled his casket kit and chose to finish it like this...

A story from the shop

Such compassion of strangers, especially during a hard time in one’s life, or with regards to the challenging subject of burial, is one of the main reason’s building caskets rewards me every day.
Casket Maker

Why I Build Caskets

I thought I would start the newsletters off by answering a question that is frequently asked: How did you get into making caskets?

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