CBC NEWS: Assembly required: Carpenter makes design-your-own casket kit

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A kit is easily shipped to a customer and stored under the bed, says Jeremy Burrill of Fredericton

If you can buy a table, chair or bed that can be assembled with an Allen key and some patience, why not a casket?

That was the thinking behind Jeremy Burrill's casket kit.

The master carpenter, who lives in Fredericton, says you can assemble the casket in his kit in 30 minutes. 

"It's very simple. If can you hammer a nail, you can put it together."

Burrill started the Fiddlehead Casket Co. in 2016. 

CBC casket kit

His said his caskets include no metals or synthetics and are environmental friendly.

The idea for the build-it-yourself version of a coffin was born from wanting a way to ship his product to customers outside the Fredericton area.

'It is there for when the time comes' 0:34

And the caskets can either be used immediately or saved for when needed, he said.

"Some people have said, 'I like your casket, but I'm not passing away anytime soon, but this is what I would like. So what do we do in the meantime, can you store it for 20, 25 years?'"  

Jeremy Burrill Casket

Burrill doesn't offer storage for customers who decide to buy before their time, but his kit can fit under most beds.

"This way, they can have that decision made, order it, and then it's there."

The kits sell for $699 plus tax and come with 10 pieces of pine, 38 cherry wood dowels and a hammer.

Someone up to six feet five inches tall and up to 280 pounds can get one.

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  • Jan, those are the internal dimensions. The outside dimensions are 27" wide, 15" high, 80" long. Feel free to email with any further questions jeremy@fiddleheadcaskets.com

    Jeremy, Owner of Fiddlehead Casket Company
  • Jeremy, I’m interested in your caskets but not sure of the exact measurments. I believe a standard casket is generally: 84" L x 28"W x 23" H. Exterior dimensions: 82-1/2"L x 28"W x 24" H which Fits in a Standard 30” Vault. However, I think yours are posted as: Inside Dimensions: 12.5″ × 22″ × 78″ . Does that mean 12.5"H x 22" W x 78" L?
    Thank you for your response in advance.


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