A story from the shop

I’d like to share a recent story of compassion in a time of grief. 

I recently had a customer contact me with questions about a casket kit, let's call him James. He is a handy fellow and had always thought about building a casket for his mother as a personalized farewell. As it turned out, James' mother was in declining health and he wanted to know how quickly he could get a kit to where he lives, in Connecticut.

At that time, a production run was under way and the only unit in stock was earmarked for another customer (we'll call her Clare) who had recently ordered a custom-sized casket kit for her husband and a standard-sized kit for herself.  Both units were scheduled to ship that next day. I explained to James that I did have a unit in stock, but it had been purchased by Clare; then a thought occurred: What if Clare was willing to wait in order for James to receive the kit he needed in time for his mother? After explaining the situation to Clare, she agreed to wait and James' kit was shipped the next morning.

As it turns out James' mother has family connections in NB, so the casket kit was rooted in story.  Had it not been for Clare's gracious patience and understanding, this would have never been possible.

Such compassion of strangers, especially during a hard time in one’s life, or with regards to the challenging subject of burial, is one of the main reasons building caskets rewards me every day.

Let me know if I can help you or your family member create their last story.  



Jeremy Burrill, Owner, Lead Craftsman

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